Nusa Dua is well known for its beautiful beach and tranquility, that makes it perfect for honeymooner or traveler with family. Here is our Top 10 things to do in Nusa Dua.

Bali Collection
For couple or family travelers looking for activities or souvenirs, Bali Collection features complimentary transport from certain resort or pickup points. The shopping center in Nusa Dua houses restaurants, shops and a little something for everyone.

The Pirate's Bay
Bring your children for a day as pirates and treasure hunting, or enjoy a cool hangout cafe nearby or climb atop the treehouse.

Devdan Show
A 90 minutes performance of well choreograph story about Bali and Indonesia's culture, the show brings out the rich diversity of Indonesia. Be sure to contact our concierge to purchase your ticket in advance to avoid the line.

Pura Geger, Nusa Dua
Probably one of the most hidden temple in Bali, it is located in Geger beach perched on the cliff and said to be a source of power spot due to the holy water flowing within the temple. The temple is often busy during full moon festival or other ceremonies, the temple is easy to reach and free to enter.

On Top of the Camels
Take a slow ride along Nusa Dua's white sandy beach on a camel, where you can stop by nearby warung for lunch and photo moment before you head home.

Sunrise Yoga
Nusa Dua is well known for its beautiful sunrise, and what better way to start the day other than getting a personal yoga trainer and head down to the beach before 6 AM and soak in that sun power.

Golf Away
Bali National Golf features a great course that is recently renovated and re-shaped, the grass are well maintained and the course is challenging due to the wind, as well as nearby the beach location.

Puja Mandala
A unique religious place, where you will see how diversity in religion go hand in hand. You will find a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple, a Catholic Church, a Protestant Church and an Islam Mosque side by side. Please note it does get busy during religious day.

Water Sport Activities in Nusa Dua
While in Bali, you definitely want to get wet and not just some sun kissed time. Book a boat to transport you beneath the Indian Ocean, whether it is walking on the ocean bed or flyboarding through the ocean.

Learn to cook Balinese
Bumbu Bali is one of the few proper restaurant facilities in the neighborhood, where you can learn and practice the traditional recipes of Balinese cooking. Be sure to book in advance through our concierge.

Recommended Private Villa in Nusa Dua
Tjendana Bali Villa has been designed to bring you exactly what luxurious villa accommodation has to offer. This perfect retreat away from the real world and provides opulent accommodation in Balinese contemporary design. Each of the villas offer guests private open living and dining area so you can relax or enjoy a dip by the pool. How you choose to relax when you stay in a Nusa Dua Villa is really your call. Click here...